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Little Rock’s most trusted tree experts are licensed and fully insured, to give you the finest tree services in town. Our professional arborists specialize in pruning, stump removal, planting and tree removal services throughout Little Rock. You can count on us to restore, protect, and keep your trees healthy! 

Whether you are looking for commercial or residential help, we provide comprehensive tree services to keep your trees happy, and your home and family safe.





Our Tree Services

Our services for all residents of the Little Rock area.

Tree Evaluation

We recommend and determine the type of service needed after evaluating the particular situation of the tree. This helps you plan for long term solutions. 

Tree Care

Trust our expert team to provide you with comprehensive tree services that will enhance the comfort and value of your home.


Our 24/7 response team is equipped to deal with your emergency needs. We work with all major insurance companies to help you through the process. 

Tree Removal

Tree Removal can sometimes be a necessary action to help maintain a landscape’s health and overall appearance. It may also aid the protection and prevention of damage to your home. 

Emergency Need Tree Care? Call the Little Rock Tree Service Experts!

Trust our fully licensed and insured certified arborists to assess your needs and provide a  thorough service. Whether you are looking for professional or residential help, we provide comprehensive tree services to keep your trees happy, and your home and family safe.

Our rigging experts also provide information on services like pruning, chipping, stump grinding, and so much more without all the dangers of the job. Little Rock Tree Service is fully licensed and insured to provide certified tree services to our clients in the area. Get your free estimate today!

Why Choose Little Rock Tree Services?

Trees add beauty and definition to any environment. Poorly maintained trees can reflect badly on the hygienic ethics and create a risk of personal safety for the family. Some trees may require removal while others can require pruning, to safeguard the house and to keep an organized tree line. 

What you will receive when hiring Little Rock Tree Service is no less than 100% skillful, technical precision and execution of any service your property requires.

Whether you’re adding to your yard with new saplings or removing dead or hazardous trees, we provide expert and thorough care. Your trees will receive either great care with our maintenance services or meet their end with our removal services.

Tree Removal & Trimming Services Only A Call Away
We established our business in order to offer professional tree care at cost-effective rates, together with providing finest client service in the area. Consisting of a team of young and energetic experts, the company carries out several landscaping projects in the residential and commercial sectors.

Our tree removal service includes fully removing the tree down to a stump, wood eliminated or stacked, limbs and branches got rid of or chipped, and a complete clean-up of the grounds around where the tree was removed. Prioritizing a safe approach, each practice is carried out according to the current safety standards of our industry.

Whether it’s pruning a tree to enhance the facade of your home or planting dozens of trees for a commercial project, you can count on Little Rock Tree Services for all your needs!

Tree Services That Get to the Root of Any Problem
We are a locally owned and operated business that specializes in tree services. With our team of experienced and talented staff, we provide safe and professional services that are insured to provide tree-related needs.

We provide excellent and affordable services with expert climbers and riggers, who will safely get the job done right! We are fully insured and licensed for your peace of mind. We perform hazardous tree removal, hedge and bush removal, lot clearing, and so much more:

    • Tree pruning and pruning service
    • Tree removal and tree cutting
    • Drying and grubbing service (removal of tree stumps)
    • Planting of trees
    • Shredding service of branches and woods
    • Fertilizer service
    • Deforestation service
    • Clearing and cleaning of re-cycle purposes

For our every customer, we start our job by analyzing the work and offer in-depth research for the task ahead. Our staff is trained to use specialized equipment to perform even the most dangerous task with ease. This ensures the customer that they can trust us for any tree-related needs without the worries of insurance or safety.

We are based in Little Rock, Arkansas, and have hundreds of customers who choose us from year to year for their professional services. 

We take pride in offering superior services to our valuable customers throughout Little Rock and the surrounding areas.

Contact us today and get FREE professional advice.