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Little Rock Tree Service is a company specializing in tree felling, pruning, pruning, hedge maintenance, and grubbing. For all types of trees: difficult and dangerous, dead or unwanted. Our team of capable experts has over 15 years of experience in performing tree-related services. Not only do we provide scheduled appointments but also emergency services. All the work done is fully collected and recycled at 100%.

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We are based in Little Rock, Arkansas, and have hundreds of customers who choose us from year to year for their professional services. We take pride in offering quality service, whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes. Contact us today and get free professional advice.

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Perhaps you urgently are looking for a way for you to remove or cut down an old or dead unstable tree. We perform hazardous tree removal, hedge and bush removal, lot clearing, and so much more:​


Go Along With Nature

Tree removal

At Little Rock Tree Services, we consider removing the tree as a last resort solution when no other option is possible. Our employees are trained to carry out the proper protocols of tree removal that include disposing of the branches in order to maintain a secure perimeter for all.

Stump removal

The purpose of stump removal is to destroy the visible part of the stump and the surface roots. At Little Rock Tree Service, we extract all kinds of stumps with a stump remover, which limits the damage to the ground by shredding the stump instead of excavating all around it.

Tree trimming and pruning

Pruning is a technique that involves removing dead or diseased branches to rebalance the weight of a tree. By cutting these branches, the tree’s natural aeration is restored, which is beneficial for its longevity and growth.

Clearning and cleaning

Little Rock Tree Services also provides clearing and cleaning of forest land. Our qualified specialists and state-of-the-art equipment are more than capable of handling large areas that need to be dealt with.


To counter deficiencies and diseases, Little Rock Tree Services provide fertilization services that are best done in early spring. Fertilization gives trees and plants the nutrients they need for a healthy lifespan. Currently, we offer two methods of fertilization: fertilization on the ground and by implants at the trunk level.

Emergency Tree Service

An emergency on a property can arrive at any time. Whether it is plumbing or tree-related, a house needs a reliable and trustworthy company that can help them in their time of need. Our company offers a wide range of tree-related solutions that can also be availed at emergency hours.

Our team provides 24×7 emergency services to businesses and homes that need help in a quick, efficient, and affordable manner. Little Rock’s best emergency tree removal service is there to support the community where only quick, efficient response can rectify the situation safely. 


You’ll need experts on the scene right away to remove the tree and provide an optimal solution. Contact us in case of any emergency; we are on call and ready to serve.

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Does the layout of your tree trap your house and that of your neighbor’s? Don’t waste your time and call the experts today! Here at Little Rock Tree Services, you will benefit from not only our exemplary work but also our professionalism. 

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