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Are you looking for a tree stump removal service in Little Rock? Well, you have come to the right place. We at Little Rock Tree Services have proudly served hundreds of clients overcome challenges, both big and small! 

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Choose to work with the best tree removal specialists that have served Little Rock for over a decade. We have the necessary equipment to make sure that your land gets the treatment it deserves. We are ready to handle jobs of any size because when we take on a job, we make sure that we do it perfectly!

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What is stump removal? 

Tree stump removal service is called upon when you need to exterminate a tree stump and its surface roots with a stump grinder to shred them into chips while avoiding hypothetical growth. As for the underground roots, they will gradually disintegrate. 
The best thing about our stump removal service is that we employ environmentally safe methods to remove the stump, and all of that is done within a short time-frame. 
Beforehand, it is essential to identify large roots, locate the shut-off valve of the city’s aqueduct network, any underground pipes or irrigation mechanism, and the existence of buried wires. Next, it is necessary to determine the most suitable way to remove the tree stump.

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At Little Rock Tree Services, our many years of experience in tree stump removal services has led to hundreds to happy clients – Our professionals know all the techniques that lead to the most satisfactory results.

This is how the process works:

We start by digging deep down between 20 and 100 cm, regardless of its location. Once our intervention has been made, the site exhibits a flat, harmonious and easy surface for maintenance. This technique is functional, respectful of the environment and the most profitable.

We make sure that our tree stump removal service eliminates the risk of pesky insects from dwelling the stump while also ensuring the safety and beauty of your lawn. 

If you go with our tree maintenance service, we guarantee you: Responsible business, qualified specialists, state-of-the-art equipment, personalized service, absolute quality, guaranteed satisfaction, liability insurance. 

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