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Looking for a tree removal service in Little Rock and its surrounding areas? We at the Little Rock Tree Service Company are ready to take on any challenge, no matter how or small!

We know that removing a tree should be the last possible course of action, but occasionally it is necessary for some specific reasons, for example:

  • If your tree is dead.
  • Removing trees for phytosanitary reasons: The trees should be removed if they’re infested with cankers, fungi, or parasites that present danger to humans and neighboring wildlife. We can also opt to remove trees if we detect a cavity on its trunk.
  • For safety purposes: If your tree is placed in the wrong place: too close to infrastructure, a residence or electric wires; It can potentially risk the lives of individuals and their possessions. The roots of these trees can cause a problem with foundations or other structures.
  • Cutting down trees for the preservation of other trees: In forestry, for the well-being of several varieties, the only solution is to cut down a tree more robust than its congeners, that is, if it deprives them of organic substances when they bloom.
  • If the tree becomes an obstacle: The tree should be removed if it interferes with any construction authorized by the city.

If you want to remove a tree, surrounding an issued permit issued by your municipality. Officially, everything must be done in compliance with the various mandatory safety rules. Therefore, it is suggested that you refer to specialists who have the required expertise.

It is not easy to cut down a tree since the safety of anything within the range of the tree can be compromised at any time. Controlling each step is essential and the use of specific equipment is mandatory for your safety. At Little Rock Tree Services, we are prepared to handle every challenge and every complex situation.

How is a tree removed? Here is how our process works:

  • Orientation: Establishing the angle at which the tree will fall.
  • Partial disassembly: Cutting down parts of the tree before removing it – this is required if you want the tree to fall in the desired orientation (if the area is not clear enough.)
  • Lopping: Since the crown of the tree raises the bole, we start at the bottom, and then go towards the top. Other methods are also used for limbing, that of the lever or the underside of the trunk.
  • Debitage: Execute according to the layout of the trunk wrong, eliminate the danger of injury.
    An uprooted tree stump removal.

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Does the layout of your tree trap your house and that of your neighbor’s? Don’t waste your time and call the experts today! Here at Little Rock Tree Services, you will benefit from not only our exemplary work but also our professionalism. 


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